We understand how to make property work!

About us

Optimum was set up specifically to offer a professional solutions service to people interested in Property.
Whether your Buying, Selling or Investing, we can tailor make a solution to your exact requirements.

Optimum Solution Management

We believe in a simple ethos “ There are no Insurmountable problems. Only solutions not yet tried”.
Our goal is finding you the ‘Optimum Solution’. By understanding your exact needs and wants we are able to offer solutions to cover all your requirements.

There are as many solutions as there are sellers and buyers, a Solution Option can be written to cover any eventuality or requirement...



20/22 Wenlock Road London NG1 7GU

London Tel:   0333 222 4415
Bournemouth Tel:   01202 069 386
Birmingham:   0121 647 1731
National Tel:   0333 222 4415