About us

Optimum was set up specifically to offer a professional solutions service to people interested in Property.
Whether your Buying, Selling or Investing, we can tailor make a solution to your exact requirements.

Optimum Solution Management

We believe ina simple ethos "There are no Insurmountable problems. Only solutions not yet tried".
Our goal is finding you the ‘Optimum Solution’. By understanding your exact needsand wants we are able to offer solutions to cover all your requirements.

There are as many solutions as there are sellers and buyers, a Solution Option can be written to cover any eventuality or requirement. The ‘Options’ phenomenon has become part of the news world over recent years. They offer both seller and buyer a very useful, user friendly and very importantly a much more cost effective, alternative solution to the considered ‘normal’ selling and purchase process.

For many sellers, life circumstances, the want or need to move, Landlords not getting the hoped return, just too much hassle, refurbishment issues or the need to release equity, to name but a few has meant that they have had to accept less than market value for their homes. You don’t have to do this! We are able to provide you with as many possible solutions as possible, to help you get the best-individualised strategy for selling your property. Without dropping the price!

For buyers, the price and fees of buying a house has become impossible task for many and very difficult for many more. Meeting the criteria required for mainstream lending can be difficult for many. Doomed to a life renting, many are looking for alternative ways to provide for their families and offer them the security of an owned home. For buyers, we offer two levels of service through our ‘Find me a House’ club, both aimed at helping you find the right property, as quickly as possible with flexible buying options to suit your requirements and help you move into home ownership from the minute you sign up.

It is very important to ensure that all parties are protected.Using a Optimum Property Solution, we bring together seller and buyer, through arrangements with us to ensure the full security and protection of both parties in open transparent agreements that they have designed and completed by solicitors who are experienced in these types of arrangements. This guarantees a ‘Win, Win’ scenario for both.

For Investors wishing to take advantage of high profit levels from new builds and renovations. We offer four options of working with us;

Sourcing you a project to self manage, we source, appraise, cost analysis, stress test and check demand for your given exit strategy.

'In a Box' Project Management - Continuing from the sourcing, we fully project mange from top to bottom. We literally hand you a working business or completed project.

Guaranteed Loans, for those that want a far better return on their funds, without the requirements of property management, we guarantee a good return in excess of 6% with the property as security on your loan, personifying the expression 'safe as houses'.

Lastly, as partners on a Joint Venture basis. Your funds, our expertise. With everyone having joint ownership, it creates a true vested interest and maximum profit ensured. Whether for lump sum returns or to create a residual income for life, with no hassle or time commitments from you, we take care of everything.  Sit back and enjoy the profit.

Our due-diligence when looking at all these types of venture means that we ensure that a fully comprehensive feasibility study of the project is completed. Showing full cost profit analysis with realistic, if not conservative expectation. We then have the professional teams to efficiently project-manage until completion to the given time frames and options in place manage thereafter.

Whatever your requirements, we will exceed your expectation. Read our company brochure or web pages to see how we can help.

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