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Having a dedicated team physically working to make your home purchase a reality is obviously going to be more effective and time frames will dramatically improve. If you want to make the move from renter to homeowner, sooner rather than later, then this is the ideal route for you.Simply complete the application form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements in depth before we find your perfect solution.

By now your probably asking your self, ‘So what’s the price to take advantage?’

What would you expect to pay for the chance of moving into your own home; stopping all the dead rent, becoming a home owner potentially years faster and every day in your new home building equity in your future; instead of the landlords and potentially in only a few months from now? Most guess in the 000’s

We were set up and love to help people become home owners, however, we still need to keep the lights on and feed the cat; so we charge a minimal initial fee of £250, to find you a home, and another £250 when you move in or very occasionally 6 months later to continue the work for your home ownership. If you choose a postcode on the moon and by some miraculous event we still don’t find you a home after 12 months, then we can either refund half or if you prefer, keep looking at no further cost.

Whichever way you decide to move forward; We look forward to working with and being of service on your journey to quicker home ownership.

So what you waiting for, let’s work together and find you a home, the first step is to join and start talking to us.

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