House Chains

Sale fallen through - again? The house buying system we have is based on the ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ where we shake hands on a deal and no money changes hands until completion. This allows the buyer to pull out at any time without financial penalty.

The housing sales chain has been the cause of a lot of heartache for sellers. Has your buyer sold his own home? Many offers are regularly put forward from potential buyers, who have not sold their houses yet.

This inevitably leads to house sale chains where if only one deal falls through, it can potentially cause the entire chain to break. With everyone having to start the whole process again!

Dependent on your circumstances we can either offer solutions to you immediately or put you in touch with a Financial Advisor and mortgage broker that will help you look at the possibility of releasing the equity you have. This means you can move easily, no chains, without fear of losing your new home, or losing value on your current home. Additionally, as well as typically saving on the fees of selling the property. You also get the added advantage of still maintaining an investment in the property through the balance of equity that remains. This is then paid when the property is finally sold, but with the added advantage of any increase in value is also applied to the remaining equity. It can also be arranged to give you a guaranteed percentage return, above bank rates on the equity that remains in the property. Allowing you to move without a delay, safe in the knowledge that your mortgage and all bills are covered.

We quickly deliver your self-designed solution that provides the safety and predictability you designed,ideal for your circumstances whatever they may be.You are protected knowing that the property is still in your name but assigned to the option. With all costs covered, this removes any commitment from you while still protecting your best interests. If the buyer breaks the option, either a new buyer can be quickly found or the property sold to release your equity. Our service means you have complete peace of mind and that you can look to moving forward without further hindrance or delay into your new home.

By creating a “Win, Win” scenario between you the buyer. You can rest assured that all will run smoothly. All our buyer tenants have all been rigorously checked to ensure suitability and will have made a purchase commitment – ensuring they will look after your property as if it was their own, because it will be, just on a defined date in the future, this givesyou a predictable set timeframe. Through our arrangements you will also benefit from the fact the buyer covers all costs, including maintenance. As hassle free as it gets.

We also ensure, from the beginning of the agreement we that the buyer has strategies in place to complete the sale and secure an appropriate mortgage through a recommended mortgage broker.

If you want to take advantage of utilizing our services, working with a company dedicated to finding your ideal solution then please register, request a call back, email or call us on 0203 8185950 or 0333 222 4451.

We will be happy to assist in any way.

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