How it Works

The need or want to sell comes in many formats. Some are looking to move up, some want income, others simply to move on from property that has not worked out for them. What everyone shares is the need to get the best price.

Conventional wisdom has set up a system where we are all forced into one box and one way of thinking, that things can only be donein one way. For many, the results don’t even get close to how we would ideally like things to happen.

Here at Optimum, we recognise that it is your home or your investment property and that you have spent hard earned money, time and effort to make it so. We look for solutions, tailor made to suit your circumstances, its very important to realise that we help you design your own solution to perfectly fit your wishes and future plans.What could better than something you design yourself? We then find the ideal buyers to meet your requirements.


Through personally designed Property Solutions, we have helped many people sell their properties by opening up new options on how to attract the maximum number of quality buyers. By knowing how to attract many more potential buyers; this very rarely has anything to do with dropping your price; the solutions offered, will be able to accomplish all that you require.


We show you options on how to look at your property sale where you achieve all of your goals and maximise price simplyby adding different levels of flexibility for the buyer. Many of the designed solutions will also save you a lot of money by cutting down costs of the typical house sale.

Benefits to the Seller

  • No Estate Agent Fees.
  • Maximises sale price.
  • No chain for new purchases.
  • Releases Equity.
  • Any Equity in property is an investment, typically growing at higher rates than deposit accounts.
  • Property still in your name until bought but no commitments to any bills.
  • No Maintenance costs.
  • Completely Protected.
  • Quick time frames.

Optimum solutions can work in many ways, whatever your circumstances, or requirements, we can help. If any of these scenarios fit your circumstances, we can help any situation: