How we work

Drawing on a 20+ year history of effective, successful investment return, we research projects that look to generate a profit in excess of 35%. Typically between 4 to 12 months. We then offer a joint venture to interested parties to become joint partners in that project.

Sourcing the right property is key to producing the right returns, as such we have extensive research completed on every project. Each project has a full and complete prospectus, which will include a full breakdown of the venture, including purchase cost, complete building/renovation costs, all related fees, Any drawing plans, location details, expected sales and profit values based on similar sales in the area; with reliable time frames for conclusion.

Our Joint ventures are designed with the financer to create a “Win, Win” scenario and fully protect everyone involved by using comprehensive legal agreements.

Though we look to offer around five to six projects a year; each project is thoroughly researched and investigated before being recommended as a potential partnership venture. Each person that becomes a partner for that particular project will have joint ownership with us; and any other invested partners. This gives a very real sense of ownership and property development with a level of commitment and safety not easily found elsewhere, without all the hassle of actually finding, researching and project managing themselves.

At the end of the venture, funds are paid out with the option to reinvest in the next project.

In a world of the lowest bank returns and bond yields ever seen; with little growth in equity markets, bouncing along record highs. Property ventures offer an ideal platform for those wanting a very good level of safe return backed by a tangible fixed asset, set from the start to make profit.

For many a higher level of consistent return is the key reason for investing. We look for high yield commercial and private residential properties that will secure the required income levels. The investor defines all the parameters, agreements are drawn up and we put the deals together and manage them there after. This proves to be a very successful alternative for creating a higher income.

If you are interested in this type of investing, or if you one of the projects below that we are currently working on funding for, please contact us for an informal chat on 0333 222 4451.

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