Landlord Solutions

As a landlord owning a property or possibly a portfolio of properties, the difficulties of tenanting, maintenance and the system and processes to keep everything running smoothly whilst staying in positive cash flow, especially with the latest changes in the law reducing what you can claim back off your taxes, mean that more and more landlords are either selling their portfolios or looking to reduce their time and effort in running the portfolio.

We can offer to take over the property / portfolio with a number of potential solutions. From simple outright purchase, utilising creative purchase strategies, taking over the management or taking all the hassle away from you by guaranteeing your income through corporate letting with us. What ever your requirements we can provide a solution to match your requirements.

If you want to sell, there are a number of strategies that can be used to purchase your property, including Assisted Sale, Delayed Completion and Lease Options. The most important element to any of these is that you effectively write your own ideal solutions and we make it happen.

For those that don’t want to sell their portfolio, yet don’t want or have the time to run them effectively whilst adhering to all the changing regulations and new laws. We offer a simple but effective rental guarantee strategy. Please see the Platinum Guaranteed Rentals.

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