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Welcome. If Carlsberg did project sourcing and management through to completion for investors, it would probably look like this.

Tailor made to your individual requirements and specific needs. Following an initial consultation to fully understand your entire requirements, we will put the team to work finding, stress testing and completing the project cost analysis for your perusal.

At this stage then you have a choice of how you wish to proceed.

As an introduced project only - You would then pay us for taking the proposal forward yourself. This is typically for experienced property people or businesses. The fees for this are dependent on work and location but typically range from 3.5k to 6k. This is payable on a half at acceptance of proposal, half on exchange of contracts.

As a Packaged Deal – The next step along – This is where we manage the purchase process, the survey, solicitors, agents an then after until the project is ready to be up and running. This would include the refurbishment and helping with finding tenants etc..
This is usually for the individual that does not have time to get these processes done but is willing to self manage or appoint mangers after the project is run. For companies, many use it as a process to take advantage of our expertise and contacts to get the project ready for launch but know how to manage there after.
The fees for this service are the initial fee, again respective to the area and work completed. In the same manner as above and a completion fee that is based upon the individual project, work completed and proposed exit strategy for the client. This simply means, what is the property being bought for, what’s the end goal? Each project is negotiated and designed with you to ensure the agreed arrangement is transparent and clearly meets all your requirements.

The Joint Venture. - Please see the JV pages, which will also detail some of the strategies and the expectations from them.
The arrangement’s for these are as individual as the people seeking them and their requirements.

As a solutions based company you will see that we don’t have a standard "One shoe fits all”, you don’t’ have to fit in the box, in fact we pro-actively encourage creative strategies, to safely maximize your return.

We effectively give you a pencil and tell you to draw your own box. We will then build it.
What could be better that something you design yourself, but backed by a team of professionals for guidance, completion and management.

Innovation and an uncompromising drive to succeed; It all leads back to the Optimums ethos, our core belief;

“ There are no insurmountable problems. Only solutions not yet tried”

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