Property Joint Ventures

Residential property development has become well established over many years. In comparison to volatile share and devaluing bond markets, the strengths of bricks and mortar have been particularly underlined in recent years.
Property development is well established as an important part of a balanced and well-diversified portfolio. Offering shorter and often better returns than their alternatives. However, for many, property development has not been a viable alternative due to the time, expertise and cost requirements to be done effectively.

Optimum provides a dedicated, co-ordinated and fully integrated property development team to meet all the demands of a vibrant, dynamic and very rewarding field of property joint ventures. Using an expert team of independent surveyors, architects and builders; We understand the costs, time frame and intricacies of planning and consents, which is crucial to estimate the viability of a project at the outset.

We maintain a continual and complete due diligence over all areas of each project to ensure protection of the venture and its returns.

It is the degree of our intensive eye for detail, effective planning and rigid ethos of efficient, effective project management that ensures the success of each individual project.

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