Property Portfolio / Buy to Let Problems

“I have a property portfolio that is just not performing anymore and is costing me a fortune to maintain”. Interest rates have been maintained at record lows, it is inevitable that at some point this will change and is expected in the near future. When this happens, the rise in mortgage costs will not necessarily be able to pass on to renters. This in turn will create a shortfall on each investment property.

Since we live in a credit age, with many having over committed when interest rates go up, property prices will inevitably be affected. Any property portfolio at this stage will be under tremendous stress.

We have individuals and companies who would be willing to help you dispose of your portfolio in part or whole, if this were what you wanted to do.

We quickly deliver your self-designed solution that provides the safety and predictability you designed, ideal for your circumstances whatever they may be.You are protected knowing that the property or properties are still in your name but assigned to the option. With all costs covered, this removes any further commitment from you while still protecting your best interests. If the buyer breaks the option, either a new buyer can be quickly found or the property sold to release your equity. Our service means you have complete peace of mind and that you can look to moving forward without hindrance or more delay and costs.

By creating a “Win, Win” scenario between you the buyer. You can rest assured that all will run smoothly. All our buyer tenants have all been rigorously checked to ensure suitability and will have made a purchase commitment – ensuring they will look after your property as if it was their own, because it will be, just on a defined date in the future, this givesyou a predictable set timeframe. Through our arrangements you will also benefit from the fact the buyer covers all costs, including maintenance. As hassle free as it gets.

We also ensure, from the beginning of the agreement we that the buyer has strategies in place to complete the sale and secure an appropriate mortgage through a recommended mortgage broker.

If you want to take advantage of utilizing our services, working with a company dedicated to finding your perfect solution then please register, request a call back, email or call us on 0203 8185950 or 0333 222 4451.

We will be happy to assist in any way.

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